Monday, March 21, 2011

1973 BMW 2002 Touring Alpina A4 Clone

This is my dream BMW. It has the good story and all of the right parts to make it even more desirable. It's the rare touring (Hatchback) version, it has beautiful (possibly original) Inka orange paint and a very clean black interior. The best part by far is the mass of Alpina parts.
 This car is well known in the classic BMW world and it's a sure show stopper. I'm not going to name everything but it has just about every Alpina part you can think of. The motor has been fully built with with Alpina A4 four throttle fuel injection system and an extremely rare Alpina Kuglefisher pump which would cost thousands if you could even find one. An S14 crankshaft was added making the displacement around 2200 cc. An Alpina airbox and Alpina headers are just a few more of the high-cost upgrades. To put the power to the ground it has a dogleg close-ratio 5-speed and a 25% limited slip differential with 3.64 gearing.

The interior sports an Alpina steering wheel and an Alpina shifter. What sets this car apart is the perfect restored Turbo seats.
The seller is looking for 35k

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