Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rare Epsilon 13X6.5 Rims

I bought these wheels off Craigslist. The advertisement was for a 1979 BMW 320i and they caught my eye. I bugged the poor guy for around two months before I finally got them. The car was a beater and he ended up parting it out anyways. They are rare 13 inch Epsilon gold rims. The paint has faded a little and they look sort of pinkish gold now. I'm going to sandblast these soon and restore them to their former glory. You might have heard of Epsilon before, they made aftermarket wheels in the 80's. The 15 inch wheels are pretty common wheels, but not these. I have only seen two sets of the same wheels on the internet, and I looked all over the internet. One was an un-refurbished set for $800, and the other was powdercoated for $1200. I might be interested in selling them, but only for the right price...
Here's a picture of a BMW 2002 with these wheels photoshopped on.
Here's another picture of them installed on my 1976 BMW 2002.
I love the look of these wheels, like a period-correct tuner.

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